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Barrisol stretched ceiling is a non-flammable sheet in PVC which is tightened under heat on a special track system. Barrisol is very customizable to complement any room or design. Your ceiling will be a work of art with Barrisol’s style, lighting and 3D applications. You won’t have to worry about water damage from the ceiling with Barrisol. It’s impermeable to water as well as being environmentally safe.

Barrisol can be installed in new or existing homes. It can be customized to any shape, and can accommodate items like lighting, vents, or smoke detectors. Barrisol is highly durable and resistant to temperature change. Barrisol can add to a room’s acoustical rating, and make your ceiling a functional statement piece.

The Barrisol Normalu company, founded in 1967, is at the forefront of the stretch ceiling industry; leading the way with more than 80 patents to its name. The Barrisol brand is a unique type of stretch ceiling covering that was first developed in 1975. Today, Barrisol has over 20 different stretch ceiling systems to offer its’ customers. Barrisol can be found in Class A office headquarters, luxury homes, sports arenas like AT&T Stadium.

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