Mixed Media

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Mix it up, layer it everywhere. Afraid no more, mix media all you want. Combine things that play off each other. By using an iconic tropical print as the starting point, add fabrics and accessories in like patterns and colors. Classic shapes re-imagined patterns and an array of textures are just a few ways to create beautiful , livable surroundings. Experiment with mixed media finishes when choosing hardware for window treatments. Blend natural textures like woods with metal finishes as accents. Kirsch’s Moderna finial from the Designer Metal collection combines the modern touch of Antique Silver with rich walnut wood. Paring them with rings in Antique Silver on a walnut rod from the Woods Trends Collection creates a fresh look for a traditional or contemporary space. Designed with flexibility in mind, another ideal choice that adapts to any design style is Chroma, Kirchs’s newest collection of innovative decorative hardware. The energetic colors compliment the clean lines of each piece, adding a modern and comfortable glow when light passes through the luminous material.



A New Way of Looking at Wall Coverings

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Barrisol Lends itself to today’s home trends with inspired designs and adapts perfectly to any interior. Stretched on 100% recycled aluminum tracks which are fixed to the perimeter of any ceiling or wall each piece is created in accordance with your specific specifications. It’s entirely waterproof, washable and impermeable to vapor. Barrisol is an ideal way to modernize, update or renovate any family living space. Barrisol and Artolis stretch ceiling and wall systems to add texture, light and dimension to any room. Think low - key luxury using Barrisol Mirror. Glamorize any room using this mirror-like finish, adding dimension and subtle touches of light throughout the space.